The WX Scholarship Program is an initiative of the WX Charitable Fund, Ltd. Its goal is to encourage and support bright and talented young women pursuing challenging careers in real estate and related professions in the New York metropolitan area. Since the program was launched in 2004, scholarships have been awarded to over 200 women at 14 schools totaling approximately $1,020,000.00.

There are numerous benefits to a WX Scholarship, including participation in the WX Mentoring Program, which matches recipients with WX mentors, as well as no-cost admission for up to three years to many WX-hosted events, such as monthly breakfasts and the annual dinner. These activities develop productive relationships and offer networking opportunities to support recipients as they enter the workforce. In addition, applicants in need of financial assistance may receive a monetary scholarship to help offset tuition costs.

Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis to students studying real estate and related subjects, such as architecture, law and engineering among others, at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Applicants must be in their final year of required coursework for the degree to major and enrolled in the school during the full 2016-2017 academic year to receive a scholarship. Award criteria is based on i) academic merit; ii) a demonstrated interest in real estate through courses, clubs, internships and experience; and iii) a high likelihood of working in the New York metropolitan area upon graduation.

Click here for the 2016-2017 WX Scholarship Submission Details and Application Forms.

  • Mentoring

WX is now in its sixth year of the Mentoring Program, specifically designed to match up recipients with WX mentors and provide them with specific programs and hopefully, productive relationships and networking opportunities as they enter the workforce. Through formal programs and both formal and informal mentoring, WX aims to provide young women in the real estate industry an opportunity to leverage the knowledge and experience of WX members as they begin their real estate careers. All WX scholarship recipients are eligible to participate in the structured program for two years.

  • Monthly Breakfasts

WX holds monthly breakfast meetings for members and invited guests. A distinguished speaker or panel in the field of real estate or related topic is showcased. Scholarship recipients are invited to attend as guests for up to three years after being selected.

  • Conversations & Perspectives

Events that provide a unique opportunity for female students and junior professionals interested in real estate to converse with the leading female executives in New York’s dynamic real estate industry. Previous topics have included: “Green” is Money; Private Equity Perspectives; NY State of Mind – Real Estate Trends in New York City; A Survival Handbook – Career Strategies for Women in Real Estate; and Hurricane Sandy and Rising Currents. Scholarship recipients are invited to attend as free guests for up to three years after being selected.

  • Financial Assistance

Applicants can apply for up to $10,000 of financial assistance to offset tuition costs.

  • WX Annual Dinner 

An allotted number of seats are reserved for scholarship recipients for an opportunity to meet and network with a broader section of commercial real estate population within New York City. Scholarship recipients are eligible for this benefit for up to five years after being selected. Tickets in years 1 and 2 are complimentary and at a discounted rate for three years afterwards.