WX New York Women Executives in Real Estate is an invitation-only association of executive-level women engaged in the commercial real estate industry in New York. WX's diverse membership includes real estate owners and operators, developers, brokers, architects, engineers, bankers and legal professionals, among others.

WX Mission

The mission of WX is to promote the advancement of women in commercial real estate, to enhance public perception of the role of women within the industry and to promote the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and integrity in the field.

Through educational seminars, breakfasts with industry leaders, mentoring programs, scholarships and special events, WX provides members with a forum for visibility and exchange, spotlights the accomplishments of individual women in the industry, and paves the way for the next generation of women in the field.

WX Scholarship Program

The WX Scholarship Program, supported by the WX Charitable Fund, is a key priority of the organization and is designed to encourage and support bright and talented young women in their pursuit of careers in real estate and real estate related professions. WX awards scholarships on an annual basis to promising students studying real estate in an undergraduate or graduate program.

WX Mentoring Program

The members of WX are committed to mentoring women entering the real estate profession and to fostering lasting relationships between mentors and mentees who participate in the WX Mentoring Program.  The program was created to promote the advancement of women in the real estate professions by introducing mentees to career opportunities and female leaders in various real estate fields. This is achieved through programming, formal and informal mentoring, and by employing the knowledge and experience of the WX members to assist mentees as they begin their real estate careers.

WX is the leading professional network for senior-level women in the real estate industry, offering a unique opportunity for professional networking, continuing education, mentoring and cultivating a community of young women entering the real estate field.